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Meet the Sober Way team

Our licensed therapists and experienced counselors are skilled and compassionate professionals who go to the heart of the issues that keep a person trapped in addiction.

Meet Janis & Liga

They met through addictions, but are together thanks to the road of recovery. They have been together for 10 years and have two wonderful children. Addiction has had a significant impact not only on them but also on their children and the people closest to them. During their active addiction, they have both tried to maintain a balance between their addiction and the needs of their family. Although this was successful in the beginning, in the long term this balance was not possible and at some point, their addictions started to destroy their newly established family. Jānis was aware that his addiction was destroying his life, but Līga could not accept this reality at the time. A union in which one starts on the road to recovery and the other goes in the opposite direction - deeper into addiction - cannot last and they separated. Later, when Līga realized that she was powerless in the face of alcoholism, they both began the road to recovery together and started rebuilding their family. More than that, they started helping others, working with addicts and their families, and helping themselves. And so the idea of a recovery center was born. Jānis and Līga are building this center together as a family, learning to build new relationships and supporting others on their road to recovery.

Jānis Skrastiņš

Founder and mentor

In Latvia, there are limited alternatives for recovery, mainly state institutions and medical environments. However, there are stigmas in society that can make recovery more difficult. It is important to understand and support people in this process because experience shows that those who have gone through the recovery process themselves are more reliable and understanding.

Our main goal is not to prevent the use of alcohol but to prevent it from resuming. This is much harder to do than to stop, so we strive to create a lifestyle and environment that supports the long-term recovery process.


Līga Skrastiņa

Founder and mentor

When I started the road to recovery, I realized that I needed an environment where I feel at peace, with people who listen and accept me, who understand and have experienced the same thing. Seeing hope replace despair gave me faith that I could find peace. I wanted to be a supporter of those starting this path, that's how the idea of ​​Sober Way came about.

Our goal is to help people with the disease of addiction by showing them ways to maintain sobriety long-term, live a fulfilling life.


Krišjānis Zaremba

Founder and CBT therapist

The main factor to create Sober Waywas the demand of the public, as well as the limited possibilities of recovery of this format in our region. Such services are generally limited in Latvia. Therefore, we are the first private companies to offer such a service and we are confident that our recovery center is more efficient than other available alternatives.

The main goal is to offer the opportunity, skills and knowledge to people, how to start life in a clear way and be able to overcome the challenges associated with it.


Ingemārs Ivanovs 


I have struggled with gambling and alcohol addiction. I joined Sober Way for my second time in recovery because I was very inspired by John's videos and liked his approach here. In recovery, I realized that I had a calling to share my experiences of addiction. I want to give support and share my experience of recovery and the importance of sport.


I aim to help people integrate into society and love sports.

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