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Our Team

Our licensed therapists and experienced counselors are skilled and compassionate professionals who go to the heart of the issues that keep a person trapped in addiction.


Soberway team in Briedisi recovery centre
Nature view in Soberway support center
Janis lecture in Sober living program


When I was 15 I knew I was addicted. I could not to stop using drugs and drinking even if I wanted to. At that time it was not the end of the world for me though as I could not see the future problems as clear as I see them now. When I was 21 my wife kicked me out of our home. Without any education, job or life goals I was living in my car, hopelessly using drugs and drinking. That was the first time when I agreed to start rehabilitation and to try and solve my addiction problems.

It took 6 years during which I had several suicide attempts and experienced even greater suffering till I got to the lowest point and started the rehabilitation again. This time I stayed sober for longer, got the job I was previously dreaming about, got respected by my family and friends but it was still not enough. In the end I chose the same path I had gone all my life before. I lost everything I had. One night I woke up and saw that my friend is lying dead next to me.

This lifestyle has shown me a lot of pain and suffering. I have been in many dark places around the world, and they have always stayed in my mind. I went to Thailand to search for answers. I have always been a thinker and wanted to understand who I am and why am I here.
In the process of my recovery, I met many wise people who helped me to understand the most important life lessons.

All my life I have been circulating around two things - addiction and recovery. If you do something for such a long time you became an expert as a result, whether you want to or not. I feel that my mission and passion in this life is to help similar people to find the true calling in life. And nevertheless, make this process enjoyable.

The view of the center for dobriety recovery
Liga's meditative position in nature


As a child, although I was an active child and attended various types of sporting activities, I was quite plump and because of that I closed myself off from others in my teens. I found freedom in alcohol. But so slowly, I often drank so much that I could no longer maintain that balance of being confident of myself and blacking out.

When I met Janis, I knew he was drinking alcohol and doing drugs. Though we used together, I didn't see any red flags to my addiction, because everything around me was still and conscious – I lived a controlled life. There was a more prolonged period of clarity in which we married and had children. As time passed, I began to drink more and more alcohol, until at one point I had found myself without a husband, without the strength to take care of myself and my children, without life and my identity. I drank a lot at that time, but I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn't drink anymore, but I couldn't see the possibility of living being sober. And yet, day by day being sober and being next to those who are on the recovery path, I have finally started to live. And I know that in my life the continuing recovery process is crucial.

The center of recovery for people with addictions is the way how I am sober and how I want to share my experience with others. It's the chance to build the life that I want!

Room with relaxing atmosphere
Krisjanis therapy session


I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, specializing in clinical and health psychology. I have considerable experience working with people of different ages, genders and beliefs, one of the main difficulties of which is addiction. One of my responsibilities for the success of your recovery process will be related to the implementation of the rehabilitation program and adaptation to your unique needs, so that the time you spend in our recovery center is successful and your goals are achieved. I will also be responsible for therapy both individually and in a group, using one of the most effective types of therapy – Cognitive Behavioral treatment.


Addiction recovery center team siting on the chair
House in the woods eith green pine threes
Soberway team exploring nearby woods


I believe in the importance of treating the mind, body, and soul.  Addiction recovery should be more than just detox and structured counseling sessions. Holistic treatment that includes comprehensive methods is a key to reach true freedom. To meet this, we combine our main evidence-based therapy methodology that is cognitive behavioral therapy with adventure therapy and other effective methodologies that complement each other. Adventure Therapy combines physical activities, structured counseling, and pure fun with the healing properties of the backdrop of nature to boot.

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