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For Clients

Rules to follow when staying with us :

1. not to bring, use or give to other persons any intoxicating substances, as well as medicines, on the territory of the Centre without the consent of the Centre management.

2. to inform the Centre about medication required in certain cases.

3. to comply with the Programme by the recovery plan and schedule.

4. to coordinate the arrival of visitors with the Centre at least 1 (one) day in advance.

5. not to enter other persons' homes or rooms, not to use, take or misappropriate personal belongings of other persons or representatives of the Centre.

6. Not to engage in any romantic relationships with other clients or representatives of the Centre.

7. Physical and emotional abuse is not tolerated. Resolve conflicts between persons in a non-violent manner. If there is difficulty in communicating with any person, this should be reported to the Centre management.

8. Leave the place of the programme only by prior arrangement with the Centre representative.

9. keep the living and common areas and rooms clean, tidy and safe by cleaning up after themselves.

10. Respect the feelings and emotions of other people on the platform, without making unnecessary noise, by being courteous to others.

11. watch TV only at scheduled times or by special arrangement with the Centre management.

12. Mobile phones are not to be used in the common areas.

13. not to smoke in the buildings.

What to take with you:

1. Comfortable clothing suitable for the season's weather.

2. Personal hygiene products.

3.With prior arrangement - pets.

Daily routine

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