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I have struggled with both addictions - gambling addiction and alcoholism. It started in high school when I was first introduced to gambling by my schoolmates. At first, the games were innocent - a game of pool or a little poker for money - but I was quickly overwhelmed by the thrill and the desire to win at all costs. Eventually, I started borrowing money to keep playing, but it all seemed innocent.

After university, I decided to move to England, hoping to start a new life and get out of debt. But there I continued to drink alcohol and gamble. My addictions also affected my relationships, and every time I met someone, my addiction caused complications.

Things changed when I had my daughter. I realized that I had to change my lifestyle to ensure her well-being. I decided to seek help, so I entered and went through a rehabilitation program in Minnesota.

I stayed sober for 2 years from then on, but my drinking continued and I did not accept that I was an alcohol addict. Then my tolerance grew for alcohol and I was partly out of debt and got back into gambling. In the England phase before the Minnesota program, I had my first suicide attempt and had thoughts of it almost every day.

A big change started when I started to reach out to others and seek help. I was supported by friends and Sober Way. I found out about Sober Way through the TikTok app and liked their concept and how they help addicts. With the help of Sober Way and John, I started to accept myself and realized that I needed to make a major lifestyle change.

Now I am clear and determined to help others, working as a mentor and sports therapist for Sober Way, My mission is to help others find their way in recovery and discover their mission in life. John offered me to join the Sober Way team in the sports field.

I still accept that I am an addict and that motivates me to live and help others. Every day I work to give people hope and experience so they can overcome their problems and find joy in life. I accept that every experience is valuable, good and bad, and can allow us to grow and learn.

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