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Founder and Mentor

As a child, although I was an active child and attended various types of sporting activities, I was quite plump and because of that I closed myself off from others in my teens. I found freedom in alcohol. But so slowly, I often drank so much that I could no longer maintain that balance of being confident of myself and blacking out.

When I met Janis, I knew he was drinking alcohol and doing drugs. Though we used together, I didn't see any red flags to my addiction, because everything around me was still and conscious – I lived a controlled life. There was a more prolonged period of clarity in which we married and had children. As time passed, I began to drink more and more alcohol, until at one point I had found myself without a husband, without the strength to take care of myself and my children, without life and my identity. I drank a lot at that time, but I knew I couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn't drink anymore, but I couldn't see the possibility of living being sober. And yet, day by day being sober and being next to those who are on the recovery path, I have finally started to live. And I know that in my life the continuing recovery process is crucial.

The center of recovery for people with addictions is the way how I am sober and how I want to share my experience with others. It's the chance to build the life that I want!

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