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What is Included?

How much you pay

From 5,500 eur per month

All treatment activities

  • Individual therapy/ CBT

  • Group therapy

  • Adventure therapy

  • Coaching

  • SMART recovery

  • Mindfullness

  • Physical activities

  • Sauna

24/7 support


       for patients


  • Luxury house

  • Maximum 2 persons in one house

Other Activities

  • Massage

  • Physiotherapy

  • Excursions, concerts

  • Lectures

  • Social activities


  • Ecological

  • Balanced

What is Included For Companies?

How much you pay

"Sober Way" is the only private addiction recovery center in Latvia that also understands the need of businesses to maintain an impeccable reputation, care for their employees, and ensure continuous operation.

We offer:


Prevention programs (1000 EUR/week and 2900 EUR/month)

Your Recovery Starts Here

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Contact Info


+371 29 212 902

Briedisi, Cesu novads, Raiskuma pagasts, Latvija

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