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Janis and Liga family photo with there doughter and dog

Meet Janis and Liga

They met because of addictions, but are together, thanks to the recovery.
Together, as a couple, they are 10 years and there are two wonderful children growing up in their family. Addiction has had a significant impact on each of them individually, their children, and the people around them.
They have both sought to maintain a balance between their dependency and satisfying family needs during active addiction. It didn’t last long to maintain this balance, so control began to fade, and the consequences of dependency were beginning to undermine their newly created family. Jānis was aware that addiction was destroying his life, but Liga could not accept this reality at that time. A Union where one starts the recovery path and the other goes 180 degrees in the opposite direction – deeper into dependency – cannot exist and they parted. At a time when Līga realized she was powerless over alcohol, they both went on together on the path of recovery and resumed rebuilding their family. What's more, they started helping others. Slowly, they began to work with addicts and their families, thus helping themselves. Slowly, the idea of setting up a rehabilitation center was born. They set up this rehabilitation center being family together, learning to build new relationships and supporting others in their recovery.

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Find your way

from addiction to your true self and fulfilled life
Meet Janis


SoberWay believes in the importance of treating the mind, body, and soul. Our comprehensive treatment program is focusing on underlying causes to reach true freedom.

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How we treat
  • Holistic approach

  • Tailored program treating root causes

  • Privacy and discretion

  • 24/7 live-in counselor

What we treat
  • alcohol addiction

  • drug addiction


“I'm proud of my friends Liga and Janis, who have been able to turn their addiction into an opportunity to recover for themselves and others.”

— Peter

What is Included?

How much you pay

From 5,500 eur per month

All treatment activities

  • Individual therapy/ CBT

  • Group therapy

  • Adventure therapy

  • Coaching

  • SMART recovery

  • Mindfullness

  • Physical activities

  • Sauna

24/7 support

         for patients


  • Luxury house

  • Maximum 2 persons in one house

Other Activities

  • Massage

  • Physiotherapy

  • Excursions, concerts

  • Lectures

  • Social activities


  • Ecological

  • Balanced


What is Included For Companies?

How much you pay

"Sober Way" is the only private addiction recovery center in Latvia that also understands the need of businesses to maintain an impeccable reputation, care for their employees, and ensure continuous operation.

We offer:


Prevention programs (1000 EUR/week and 2900 EUR/month)

Our Partners.

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Your Recovery Starts Here

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+371 29 212 902

Briedisi, Cesu novads, Raiskuma pagasts, Latvija

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